Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Past Week

The past few weeks have been pretty hectic. Here is a brief glimpse at what my previous week has been like:

First off--I'm still remodeling and renovating the suite upstairs, and I must say it is coming along rather nicely. Just like I figured, I am immensely proud of my hard work! Actually, my pride could be considered a little annoying because I will show anyone my project if they show the faintest hint of interest! Seriously, I would invite Ted Bundy in for a look-see if I caught him strolling down North Reed. It isn't quite ready for pics yet, though. :( My wonderfully talented neighbor, Tall Paul, has also clued me in a spot where I can "find" some "discarded" hardwood flooring--but more to come on that once I figure out if I actually have the testicular fortitude to carry out the "midnight requisition" this plan requires.

Last weekend the puppers and I made a quick trip to K-town for a family reunion. H couldn't attend because he works too much. :( My family is beginning to think I just paid someone to play my husband at our wedding as an excuse to have a party. Like most things in life, there were some high points and a few low points over the weekend. Let's start with the high, shall we? It was wonderful seeing some of my family members I haven't seen in a while. This was the Reeves Reunion, which is my paternal grandmother's family and let me tell you one thing: Don't drink the water around this clan!!! I swear to goodness there were 50 bajillion kids running around. If they could all decide on a leader and rally together they would overtake the adults in a second! Kids aren't really my specialty, but overall it was nice. All of the kids are adorable (I mean, hello...with this gene pool? How could they NOT be?) but it is a little overwhelming for me, being an only child and a non-babysitting teenager. My dogs absolutely love the country so their weekend was especially nice. They take full advantage of the big yard, pond, pool, and donkeys. And our Lab, Charlie aka "Chuck", has a deep obsession with my dad that borders on pitiful. My dad's demeanor is so calm and soothing our weirdo, sketch-ball dog just loves him! My dad will walk around doing chores and "piddlin" and Chuck just follows him with adoring eyes--it's cute. I think he really misses H since he's been off working.

The low point is barely worth mentioning, but I will anyway because it's kinda funny how my mom sold me out. Even though some of my family rented this HUGE RV for the trip to Alabama from Central Florida, they somehow still ended up in my room and I ended up on the couch. All that mobile space and only my cousin and her 2 year-old slept in the dang thing! Apparently my mom didn't think this little tidbit of information was worth mentioning until I was 2 minutes away from their house. But...the joke was on them because the RV was parked smack dab in the middle of their front yard, hooked up to an electrical outlet in the garage! Overall, no harm done--my back is still young enough to take a night on the sofa and it was worth it to see the fam!

H's grandmother's 90th birthday is this Saturday! I am in the midst of losing my mind since a lot of the responsibility got thrown on me at the last possible second. I did the invitations a few weeks ago so I thought my main contribution was over, but I was mistaken. Every spare moment is spent pulling everything together in time for the bash. But in all honesty, I'm happy to do it. Nana is one of the coolest women I've ever met and I'm honored to be able to participate in a party that celebrates her. I think my next post will be an homage to Nana so all two of you can learn a little more about her!

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