Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Nana!

Thursday, August 5th, 2010 marked the 90th birthday of H's grandmother. So on Saturday we gave her what all 90-year-old women truly want--a drunken party!

Okay, okay, we didn't really throw her a drunken party, you got me! We did, however, throw her a tasteful, delightful, completely appropriate birthday party suitable for a classy dame like Nana. As much as I would like to, I can't take all the credit. I really shouldn't even take part of the credit, but I'm an only child that loves personal recognition and praise--but at least I'm honest about it.

For a brief recap, the party was last Saturday at the home of some family friends. Somerby, Nana's very posh and upscale retirement community, unloaded a bus-load of senior citizens like an eager mom dropping her brood at daycare for the afternoon. And trust me when I tell you this group was ready to party!

Nana is one of the most amazing women I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Not to sell my own grandmothers short (because they are pretty awesome themselves) but this post is about Nana's birthday so I shall honor her today. Her husband, H's grandfather, died twenty-something years ago. After his passing, Nana decided there was just no time like the present to really start living her life---so she packed a bag and took off looking for adventure. Beginning in her early sixties after Pop's death, Nana decided to travel the world--usually unaccompanied. Now some people might balk at that thought, but I think it sounds divine. She just went where she wanted to go and did what she wanted to do. There are pictures of her in well-known spots like Italy and London, Brazil and Japan. And there are some pictures of Nana in even more exotic locales--the pyramids of Egypt, a fish market in Thailand, on safari in Africa. Even at 90, she is ready to head out of here on the next thing smoking! (I'm not sure, but she may even have a bag packed in her hall closet--just in case.)

At my bridesmaid brunch the morning of my wedding, Nana gave a beautiful Irish toast that I will treasure forever. I felt it was a true welcoming into her clan--straight from the matriach and head of the family. It was on that day that I decided to be more like Nana. Embrace the adventure of the unknown! Don't be afraid to do something you've always wanted to do--even if it means doing it alone sometimes. Most of all, handle things with grace and confidence, and never let 'em see ya sweat. Last but not least, try to collect odds and ends from around the world that you can one day pass along to your grandson (and his lovely wife)--which is how we acquired a wooden carving of a big hand flipping someone the bird.

Last Saturday was one of those experiences where you set out to do something nice for someone else, then you realize in the end that you were the one that was truly blessed. My email-forwarding, digital camera-loving, twistedly humorous Nana-in-law did have a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends. She even shook her groove thang with an awfully handsome and dapper older gentleman.

And somewhere....deep down.....I crossed my fingers that their bus trip home was as wild and crazy as any Spring Break Party Bus rental in PCB ever thought about being!

Minus the stripper pole---she is our Nana for Pete's sake!

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