Monday, November 29, 2010

Busy Week

Whew! It has been a busy week here in The Hysterical District. We had a LOT going on. Let me start waaayyy back in the beginning...

Monday, Nov. 22nd--We heard the heartbeat for the first time! That's right, folks, we are welcoming a child into this scary world. Baby HDC (whether boy or girl) will be here on or around June 30th--and we are pretty darn excited! I will be 10 weeks on Wednesday, so we wanted to wait until we were "in the clear" before making any big announcements. But we heard a nice, steady, fast and healthy heartbeat so the cat's out of the bag! I guess our little New Orleans adventure was the final hoorah for our young, carefree days. But that's okay--I've had a good run.
We are also scared to death. :) For those that don't know me that well, now would be a good time to say that I don't know anything about babies. I've never changed a diaper, bathed or fed a baby. I am an only child with no real interest in other people's children. And H--well he is in the same boat. I picture our adventures in parenthood as National Lampoon meets Vince Vaughn. God bless this child.

Please note: This is not an invitation to change your child's diaper or babysit for you. No offense, but I don't really like other people's kids that much so we will just wait to screw up our own if that's okay. We will love ours unconditionally because it will be beautiful, perfect, adorable, and sleep through the night from birth onward--but yours is your problem. And I mean that in the nicest way possible, bless your sweet heart. :)

Thursday, Nov. 25th--Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night! Oh wait....that's not right...We celebrate our turkey day on Dauphin Island, which does set the scene for a nice if somewhat untraditional Thanksgiving. It was a balmy 75 degrees on the island and almost perfect for sipping cranberry juice cocktails on the deck--minus the cocktails part.

Friday, Nov. 26th--This day might be known as Black Friday to those who are unfortunate enough to live in other parts of the country. But here in Alabama--it's Iron Bowl Friday! We are a house divided, and like true fans neither of us will even consider crossing those party lines. (So lets stick with Troy University and Saints baby gear, please!)

Since I am no longer partaking in adult beverages, I decided to throw an Iron Bowl party. H refuses to watch football on anything less than our HDTV, and I figured if I can't go to the party, I should bring the party to me! Per the usual football-watching etiquette, each of my lovely friends brought a dish and we were ready to watch the showdown of the season. My Tigers are undefeated, and I had high hopes they could continue the streak even in Bryant-Denny Stadium. The game was awesome, or at least the second half was! Auburn pulled out a 28-27 victory and Cam Newton lived to spend another hard-earned dollar. Woo hoo!

There were no injuries, no fights, and only a few choice words were yelled at the television screen. Although H was not a happy camper in the end, thankfully he did not try to set my Auburn attire on fire this year--the bun in my oven is warm enough I guess!

I must admit I was a little bummed that I couldn't drink and get rowdy with all my friends, but I actually discovered a nice little surprise of forced sobriety. First of all, my friends are hilarious when they are slightly inebriated. As the sober girl at the party I was able to get a first-hand glimpse at how ridiculous and funny they are. It was great! Secondly, I felt like a million bucks Saturday morning while all of them were moaning and groaning and swearing they weren't going to drink like that again!
Overall it was a wonderful week for us. There isn't much better than hearing your baby's heartbeat for the first time, watching Auburn win in a comeback of epic proportions, and spending time with friends and family. I am far more blessed than I probably deserve, but I am thankful for each and every moment of this grand life!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Pants Game

I've debated about whether to tell you all about The Pants Game for some time now. H says it's funny, and I agree. I just don't want you to think we are weird. Or demented. Or some sort of nudists.

Although technically we could probably fit into almost all of those categories at some point or another in our lives.

The Pants Game was invented many, many moons ago by either H or myself. I honestly can't remember who started it or even why we started it. But I DO know that it is fun...most of the time!

TPG is usually played at night because it requires one of us to be in some sort of lounge attire--i.e. pajama pants, athletic shorts, etc. It's pretty self-explanatory, really. All we do is (very sneakily) yank the other person's pants down around their ankles. And then we point and laugh.

It sounds silly now that I've read what I just wrote, but trust me--this game is hilarious! We even have a points system.

Good Pants--A "good pants" is when you manage to sneak up behind the other person and yank them down very cleanly. The pants must make it all the way to the floor.

Yes! Pants-- A "Yes! Pants" is when you have a good pants that is done during an inopportune moment. For instance, if H is unloading the dishwasher and I pants him, it is considered a "Yes! Pants" because he gets agitated and I say "Haha sucka! Yesssss!"

Angry Pants -- "Angry Pants" is one of my favorites, but only if you are the pantser, not the pantsee. "Angry Pants" occurs when one person pantses the other at the absolute worst time and it takes a while to pull your pants back up to their normal resting spot. Let me give you an example: If I have an armful of groceries walking toward the kitchen and H pantses me, that is considered an "Angry Pants" because I will typically yell something in the "International Language" followed by "I'm not playing right now!" Then I proceed to hobble the rest of the way through the living room with an armful of groceries and my pants around my ankles.

In case you were wondering, additional points are rewarded if one of us gets really angry and threatens to divorce the other. Which has happened more than once.

Thankfully there are certain rules.
1.)We are not allowed to pants the other in mixed company
2.) No hitting
3.) Indoor use only
4.)No timeouts
5.) No such thing as "I'm not playing!"

We have played this game for years. And it never gets old! Right now, the score is 436-437, but I won't tell you who is ahead.

Does anyone else have a weird game that they play with their family? I realize that most of you probably aren't demented, weirdo nudists like us....but I do hope you all have some sort of fun game you play with your loved ones. I'm pretty sure this isn't what Milton Bradley had in mind when he said, "The family that plays together, stays together!" but it does work for us!

Toodles Kids!

P.S -- The "International Language" I refered to earlier is what I like to call the words you can't say in front of your grandmother. Oddly enough, no matter what country you may find yourself, the natives will understand an angry curse word. :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Halloween--A Few Days Late

Sorry it's been so long since I last wrote a little bloggy blog. It took a while to recover from our weekend in New Orleans! We had a fabulous time (of course!) even though we stayed in the Garden District, which is a tad further from the hustle and bustle than I usually prefer to be. But, with Widespread Panic playing 3 nights, Voodoo Fest, the Saints hosting the Steelers in the Superdome, and Halloween, we were actually lucky to get a room anywhere in The Big Easy.

For a brief recap of our Crescent City goodtimes....

We rode the streetcar for the first time. (And it made me want to yell "Stelllllllaaaaa!" a time or two, I must admit).

We ate Cuchon de Lait at Pierre Masperos. Oh my goodness, there are no words. NO WORDS.

Widespread Panic was AMAZING. Thanks to the kindness of stranger, we lucked up and got free tickets for Friday night's concert, too. Great friends + great music = A grand time was had by all.
I found a dive that sold homemade bread pudding for only $2. Score!

H headed back to the Mobeezy on Sunday morning, and dropped me off at The Hilton Convention Center Hotel for one last night of debauchery with my gals. And then I realized they were staying at The Hilton Garden Inn, which was approximately 800 miles away. So I proceeded to haul all my luggage for 92 gazillion blocks because I couldn't find an ATM and I had no cash for a cab. Sigh.

But...I think I saw Drew Brees!!! Drew, what the H?!? You could have at least offered a southern gal a ride considering I had a Vera Bradley bag that weighed the same as Deuce McCallister. But whatev. I will forgive you this time simply because you're Drew Brees and I love you. Who Dat!?!?!

We dressed up for Halloween. We were the Harlem Globetrotters. And yes...these are homemade costumes.
While our ragtag group of girlfriends may have a doctor, a kindergarten teacher, an attorney, a few salespeople, and even a dental hygienist....we do not have a seamstress. But my 'fro is off to Jenny who made some darn good jerseys!

Halloween in New Orleans is, well, a lot to take in to say the least. After that weekend, I felt like I needed to wash my corneas. And RUN to the nearest church.

The Saints beat the Steelers! Who Dat!?!?! I'm guessing it was because Palomolo (sp?-Lawd have mercy nobody can spell that last name) was too busy posing for pics on Bourbon Street to worry about playing football. But that is A-okay in my book!

I also walked (and drug my sweet friend Katie) another 800 miles to a place called Ellie Monster. This is a vintage shoe store of which stories and legends are made. I was told they had a fabulous selection of vintage riding boots that were even affordable. Sadly, after walking those said 800 miles, we realized we had passed by our destination because their sign was the size of a postage stamp. And they were closed. Sigh.

I ate two jalapeno poppers straight out of H's pocket at 5:30 in the morning. Don't judge me for that, please.

But in the end, no matter the somewhat demented things one might see, hear, or smell in New Orleans--it's always a good time.