Thursday, March 15, 2012

5 Years

Saturday, March 17th, will be H's and my 5th wedding anniversary. Slightly amazing, if I do say so myself!

Overall it has been a really wonderful five years. I'm not gonna sit here and tell you that I have the perfect husband, and he certainly doesn't have a perfect wife. I've cooked terrible meals, washed his wallet on multiple occasions, and even left his truck unlocked the night his golf clubs were stolen. He makes me listen to basketball games on the radio, leaves his spit cups everywhere, and even if my life depended on it I can't get the guy to put his close inside the clothes hamper as opposed to on the floor next to it. Sometimes I want to kill him and hide the body. Sometimes he wants to be married to Beyonce.

But....he also lets me pick the restaurant every time we go to dinner. And he has been known to peel the heads off my shrimp or crawfish because it kind of grosses me out. (At least until I've had enough beers to forget there are little accusatory eyes looking at me) He buys me tampons if I need them. He makes me laugh like no other person in the world.

We get each other.

And I'm so lucky to be married to my best friend.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Photo Session (Finally!)

Charlotte, Charlie, Lois, and I made the long trek home to Kinston this past weekend. H had to work all weekend so we decided to get out of town for a little while and escape what would have been a very boring and LONG two days.

Instead we spent a wonderful weekend with my parents! (Aka "Mimi" and "Granddaddy")

Our main purpose for the trip was because Charlotte had a photo shoot on Saturday with Hannah Seay Photography. Let me be the first to admit it...I am a terrible mother. She is my first child and the light of my life, yet I have never had any professional portraits made of her. Epic fail. Professional photography is just so expensive these days! Plus it has been really difficult to find the time to have some made. I know, I excuses are terrible. I just couldn't bear the thought of having some cheesy/trailer-park photos made at Sears or Walmart where the lighting is godawful and the background is straight out of 1987. (Because that's really all we can afford) I would rather just have the regular ones I have taken with my camera.

But ya'll. Hannah Seay Photography was such a wonderful experience I'm wishing I would have done it 5 months ago! I haven't even seen the finished, edited project but the first shots just off her camera were enough to get me excited! First of all, she had live bunnies. You can't lose when you've got live bunnies. Add my adorable Boopsy in her pink smocked Easter dress with those live bunnies and you've got more cuteness than you can handle!

She obviously hasn't been to wardrobe yet, but you can see the excitement in her face. I was really worried for the bunny's welfare because I know she gets to be "Little Miss Grabby Hands" when it comes to the dogs, but she was (thankfully) a little hesitant. She loved them in the cage. She loved them from her viewpoint in my arms. But once it was just her and the bunny, she wasn't quite sure she was a fan.

Fortunately she did not let her fear ruin the shoot. Total professionalism, even from the smallest member of our family. Take note, Bravo! I'm still waiting on my reality series contract.

After the photo session, my mom, dad, and I took Charlotte to the park for a lovely afternoon walk. That kind of weather makes me thankful I live in South Alabama.

Please remind me of this statement about mid-July when my hair has been frizzy and curly for a month straight and I have boob sweat.

All in all, it was a great weekend that just went by way too quick! If you're in the market for photos, I highly recommend Hannah Seay Photography. She is a wonderful, sweet, reasonably-priced professional photographer located in Enterprise, Alabama. I just can't say enough nice things about her or her work! It truly takes an artist to take good photos, and Hannah is certainly that! If you need any kind of photographs-wedding, senior portraits, family, etc-please give her a call or check out her stuff on her website at 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Mardi Gras Recap

I'm not exactly sure how Father Time manages to make it happen, but it seems that while the minutes tend to creep by the days can still simultaneously fly. I look back and think "Wait! What happened to February?"
In case you live under a rock, Mardi Gras ended last week. Instead of the typical bang it likes to end on, my Fat Tuesday went out with more of a sigh. I didn't fall into my bed fully clothed and exhausted from a day of walking the streets of downtowm Mobile, catching moonpies and drinking warm beers from my purse.

Instead I spent it with Charlotte buying a new television for the upstairs playroom/guest suite.

And that was just as wonderful. Plus I felt much better when I finally returned to work on Wednesday.

We did manage to squeeze in some adult fun that weekend thanks to my wonderful parents. They made the long trip to see all of us. (I'm totally delusional-they just came to see Charlotte and spoil her rotten!)

On the Friday night before Fat Tuesday we went to a Mardi Gras ball in Fairhope. It was the Maids of Jubilee soiree and it was F-U-N. We almost didn't make it because someonewhoshallremainnameless realized at 6:15 that night he had somehow managed to lose his tuxedo pants. I know what you're thinking and trust me--I don't know how you lose your pants either. Thankfully, after my breakdown and tears of anger and frustration, dear H went and rented some tuxedo pants for the evening.

Having a gay man feel you up is a small price to pay for making your wife incredibly happy.

While we had a wonderful time, I realized that the best part of a party is usually the morning after when you all get to sit around in your pajamas and giggle about the antics from the night before. I think our conversations went something like...

"And that's when Hannah decided to ride in Waylon's car seat the whole way home!"
"I can't believe I walked all over Fairhope barefooted and I don't have grocery-store feet!"
"So I just shoved a couple of taquitos in my pocket and walked away"

Or my personal favorite..."Tiffany, I think I lost my jacket and cumberbund last night."

To which I can only think at least he didn't lose those rented pants.

Saturday we went to Biloxi for the evening. I've only been away from the babe for one night, so not seeing her for two nights was really tough. I could hardly concentrate on my crab legs and vodka tonics at the casino. But don't worry...I managed. ;) We lost too much money, stayed in a cheap hotel, and had a wonderful time. H was even able to make a Waffle House run at 2 am, just like back in our college days.

It was wonderful to get away, but it was even better to get home. It's amazing how much you can miss the little gal when 8 1/2 months ago we didn't even know her. My how times have changed. And my how exhausted my parents were!

Charlotte did a number on them and I'm still not quite sure they've recovered.

Happy Lenten Season to you and yours! Laissez le bon tempes roulez--at least until next year!