Thursday, April 28, 2011

Name That Baby

Sound the trumpets! Alert the media! The baby has a name! After 31 weeks of incubating, we have finally reached a decision on what our little bundle of joy will be called. And it is....

Charlotte Day Carrigan

We hope you all like it! If you don't...PLEASE don't tell me because I've tried so hard to please so many different people and my emotions simply can't take another wishy-washy game of Name That Baby. (Mom, if you need to, re-read that sentence before you call me and tell me you don't like this name.)

Here are some of the reasons why we chose Charlotte:

1.) It is my grandmother's name and H's aunt's name so it has family meaning on both sides.

2.) There are no odd associations that either of us can think of when we think "Charlotte." For instance, H didn't know someone ugly in elementary school with the same name. And I don't have an archenemy named Charlotte. Most importantly, Charlotte is a name and not a word that means something else, which was H's argument against Dayleigh.

3.) It is easy to spell AND pronounce. Winning!

4.) It is a good, traditional Southern name. And you can pronounce it "Cha-a-lotte" when you wanna REALLY poor on that twang. And of course, I do like to do that when I reenact scenes from Gone With the Wind so I figured it would work for all situations.

5.) She will not have 6 other little girls in her class with the same name. I knew about 10 Tiffanys at Kinston, I had approximately 6 close friends named Nicole, and I've lost count of the Brittanys, Ashleys, and Amandas I know.

6.) Although it's not too common, she will still (hopefully) be able to find monogrammed cups, keychains, and other knick-knacks with her name on it when she goes to the beach for Spring Break.

7.) It sounds good with our last name because unless Prince William manages to get a divorce and find me in the Deep South, I'm sure she will have that name for a while. (Just kidding--kinda)

8.) I know a lot of great Charlottes--my Me-Maw Charlotte, Princess Charlotte of Monaco (Grace Kelly's granddaughter), the good-girl Charlotte from Sex in the City, the plucky spider from my favorite children's book....the list goes on.

9.) I can just imagine that she will look like a Charlotte. And that makes me happy.

10.) I'm all out of legitimate reasons, but I feel weird ending on "9" so....last but not least...because I like it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Cute Baby

My mom requested a blog about the goings-on at my doctor's appointment yesterday. Apparently it was pretty entertaining, even if you weren't actually there. Don't worry-there were no stirrups involved.

So yesterday I/we had my/our monthly OB/GYN appointment, and this one was pretty special because we had our last (tear, sniffle) ultrasound done before our lil gal arrives. Insurance only covers two ultrasounds throughout the entire 40 week ordeal which I find to be very aggravating and cheap, but the wonderful ultrasound tech, Mrs. Paula, gives new parents a "freebie" with their first child so we cashed in at yesterday's appointment.

And yes, I know that we could pay and have a 4D ultrasound done, but we are also cheap. I know, I know...people in glass houses, blah blah blah...

Anywhooo...back to the story. I am officially 30 Weeks pregnant as of today (yippee!) so we got to see Baby Girl Who Is Still Nameless in all her glory. And man was she cute! The first thing Mrs. Paula said was, "Look at how plump her lips are!" To which sweet H almost fell out of his chair laughing. You see, I have been known for many years on Dauphin Island as "Catfish" because of my rather plump lips. This nickname, which is still better than the one I originally had in high school regarding my lips, has been the butt of many a bar-room joke and more than a few impersonations. It has even given me a phobia of lipstick because it makes me feel like my lips are HUGE.

So then H proceeded to tell lovely Mrs. Paula about my nickname. And I cringed as I lay there on the table with my belly exposed to the elements.

Of course H and Mrs. Paula had a good laugh, and then we got back to the task at hand--looking at the adorable bundle of cuteness growing in my belly.

Seriously...cutest baby ever! (And I'm totally not biased at all!)

Mrs. Paula went on and on about how beautiful the baby was and what a perfect profile she had....all the while I just basked in the glory of my baby-cooking skills while I watched the monitor.

After the magic was over H and I joined a few other moms in the waiting room as we waited to see the doctor. I looked at him and said something along the lines of "She was SO freaking cute! You heard Mrs. Paula-she said she was beautiful and had a perfect profile!"

And then my husband, who will hereto be known as the Killer of Dreams and Ultimate Party Pooper of the Century says, "Well geez Tiffany, what did you think she was gonna say-that we had a troll coming in a few weeks? She tells everybody their baby is beautiful and perfect!"

And just to add insult to injury...the other moms in the room laughed at him! Trust me ladies, this man needs NO encouragement and the laughter just adds fuel to his fire.

And then I told him his presence was no longer needed and he could go on to the golf course.

But I STILL know our baby is absolutely adorable and she does have perfect profile and big 'ol Catfish Jr. lips. And I love her already-even if she doesn't have a name.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Another Random Thursday

I got a request from a fan of my blog (and don't worry, I don't really think my friends are "fans" I just like saying that cause it makes me feel good) to hurry up and write a new post! I was thrilled that someone actually cares about anything I have to say, although I've always thought my own opinion was pretty darn valuable! Unfortunately, I don't have much to say these days. Things are be-bopping along quite nicely with the pregnancy as I triumphantly enter my third and final trimester. 12 weeks or less until this sweet lil gal makes her appearance! We're pumped, excited, scared, worried, busy, broke, curious, petrified.....the list goes on but I'll just stop there. You get the picture I'm sure. With my mind completely absorbed by all things baby, I guess this might be one of those random posts about not much of anything important. Here goes! 1.) I need a tan. I was pasty before, which is the norm for me during the winter months. I don't really believe in tanning beds anyway, and of course I can't get in one now anyway. I like to worship the sun safely--with SPF 30 slathered on all exposed areas. Big looks better brown, didn't you know? I bought a baby pool for the backyard so I could tan in private. And then the temp dropped and my lab has gotten more use out of it than me. 2.) The upstairs "Guest Suite" that I chronicled earlier on my blog is now complete (minus the furniture). But I'm too lazy to upload the photos and share it with you. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna post them at some point in the next few days, but until then you will have to be content in knowing that I laid in the floor of my house for the first time in almost 4 years. And it was wonderful! 3.) The nursery is almost done! We are just waiting on the dresser to finally get here because apparently it has been held up somewhere between Mobile and the facility in Mississippi. It is only a 4-hour drive and I'm sure there are multiple delivery trucks going back and forth throughout the course of the day....but for some reason the dresser is delayed "In Transit." I guess that means someone in Mississippi is using it to store their moonshine or fighting roosters in it for the weekend's festivities. 4.) Facebook. Ahhh, Facebook. Why do people insist on putting such personal information on Facebook? I'm constantly amazed at the crap some folks will post. First of all, let me say that you are NOT going to win that boyfriend back by A) announcing via status update how much he's lost B) Telling him how pathetic he is for dumping your crazy tail and/or C) trying to guilt him into taking you back with sad posts about your lonely future. Whatever happened to "don't let 'em see ya sweat?" That was always my motto. Well, that and "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with!" 5.) I bought a Nook, which is an eReader similar to a Kindle. So far I love it, but I'm a weirdo that likes to read. That's about all I got today. This weekend is going to be full of golf and baby pool fun (if the weather warms up). The Masters is this weekend so I'm sure I will have to watch H's golf swing about a million times, plus hear him go on and on about the azaleas, Phil, Tiger, how cool it would be to play that course, how much he wants to go to Augusta, how he needs to quit his job and dedicate his life to golf so he can make the tour.... Although I wouldn't mind being drug along behind him to fancy private clubhouses across the country for cocktails, press parties, spa days, etc! Mom, I will even let you come along and be our nanny while we travel the circuit! What can I say, I'm nothing if not generous!