Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Fellowship of Football

The weather is still hot as blue blazes outside, but I have Fall on the brain! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. I love the crisp, cool mornings and the beautiful colors of the leaves. I love that my unruly curly hair finally catches a break from all this humidity. People are nicer once the thermometer drops below 80. Outdoor activities even become enjoyable rather than oppressive and unbearable. Overall, there really isn't much of anything I don't like about Fall.

Every year about this time the college football countdown begins. H is beside himself with excitement, even though his favorite college team won the National Championship and his favorite NFL team won the Super Bowl last year. Apparently when all your football dreams come true in one year, all it does is make you hope it happens consecutively. His excitement is cute, and it tends to be contagious. He starts looking for a new hat. He starts tuning in to ESPN practice coverage. He even starts preparing our Football Game-Watching Schedule.

And that is where I come in!

I may not know a tight end from a cornerback or a shoulder pad from an athletic cup (hehe, okay I DO know the difference on that one!), but I do know how to throw a football party! I love football season simply because I love any excuse to host/attend/plan a shindig. There is nothing better than getting a few friends together to watch the game, have a few cocktails, and eat yummy dips and finger foods!

While Harris is busy checking out the opponents' stats and info, I am busy making dips and cleaning the house. Windows and doors are opened so the smell of grills can mingle with the air of excitement. Both men and women spend just a few extra minutes picking the perfect game-day attire. Coolers are washed out and we all contribute a little bit more to the beer economy. Each guest will inevitably bring a dish--simply because that's how it's done in the South. There is always a lot of laughter, food, and libations. At the end of the evening, even the losers tend to go home happy. Or at least full.

Happy Football Fellowship to you all! May your team charge to victory and may God give them wings on their cleats! (Unless your favorite team is playing my favorite team, in which case scratch all of that!)

Geaux Saints! War Damn Eagle! And last but not least....Go Trojans!


  1. Love the post and love college football! WDE!

  2. I'm LOVING this post. Such great verbage and descriptions AND SO true. And the EXACT same thing is happening at my house. :)

    "all of Harris' football dreams came true" - LOL - that can only happen once - otherwise not fair!

    And WDE and Go Trojans! Whoop!