Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful Version 2.0

Change of plans! I've learned it's physically impossible for me to blog every single day of the month. As much as I wish I could, it just ain't happening.

So I changed up the plan, and I think my NEW plan is even better!

H and I are making a list at home. Every day we are each writing something we are thankful for. I promised him it didn't have to be sappy or corny; he could be totally honest, even if he was only thankful for Bud Light or high-definition TV.

My goal is that at the end of the month we can sit down together and look back at all of the things we are thankful for. You see, sometimes we get angry and say mean things to each other in the heat of an argument. Sometimes I wish he would take out the trash without being reminded. I know he wishes I would never cook spaghetti again. But I'm hoping that when we get frustrated with each other, we can look back at this list and remind ourselves of all the good in our life and in each other.

'Cause sometimes we both need to be reminded.

And in the end, as long as there isn't anything x-rated on H's list, I will post them on my blog. :)  I'm not making any promises, but I'm pretty sure it will be more funny than sappy!

And on another note:

Please vote! Cell phones, healthcare, and name-brand groceries are not a right, but voting is! Whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Conservative, or Purple People Eater--exercise your right to vote because a LOT of people before us have sacrificed their lives to ensure we have this freedom. And as one of my besties, Lindsey, said, "You're not allowed to bitch about the outcome if you don't vote!"

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