Friday, October 22, 2010

Another Random Friday

First things first, Lois says hi. And she wanted me to add that she is sick and tired of not getting many shout-outs on this blog. She has many platforms, but the cause that is nearest and dearest to her little heart is pet adoption. Since I have been neglecting her thirst for the spotlight lately, I thought I would give her an opportunity to remind you how great it is to adopt a mutt! Big, small, old, doesn't matter. Just like finding a mate, sometimes the things you think you want in a companion end up flying out the window when you meet the One. Adopt a stray--they will love you more and save you a bundle!
And Lois says they are just better. Especially better than Chocolate Labs. Namely Chocolate Labs that may or may not be called Charlie.
Now back to this random Friday...
I took BOTH pupper dogs to the pumpkin patch last night. H was working last night so I was in charge of all canine operations. I decided to take them for a nice evening stroll through Midtown before it got too dark. Of course, we ended up at the local pumpkin patch! I love a good pumpkin patch. We ran into my mother-in-law, the artist, who was busy being fabulous. She was very happy to spend some quality time with her granddogs, and they can always use a good spoiling. After a good hour picking out the perfect pumpkin color scheme (and Chuck, the lab, giving the stink eye to an ironic black cat) we had the ideal fall scene ready to go. (Photos to come if I can get my porch swept this weekend)
Since I was alone last night, I was finally able to catch up on my DVR'd shows. Sometimes I am amazed at the mind-numbing crap I watch on TV. (Yep...Real Housewives I'm talking about you!) First of all, how pitiful are Michaele and Tareq on RHODC? And poor Cat, bless her heart. She needs a quick lesson in tact and respect. Apparently her granny never told her "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all!" Maybe grannies are different in England.

Before I killed brain cells with RHODC, I DID watch the season finale of Mad Men. Sigh. If you don't watch Mad Men, let me encourage you to catch up now. It has become my favorite drama now that Sopranos went to TV-series heaven. The story lines are great, the characters are intriguing, and the time period is fascinating. There was so much going on in our world back then--it was the cusp of a new era.

And Don Draper ain't nothing to sneeze at, honey. Neither is Roger Sterling, but I've always been a sucker for a silver fox.

The weekend looms ahead, and it is surprisingly void of plans and parties. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Widespread Panic and numerous cocktails of various colors and decorations await us in New Orleans next weekend. I should probably use this weekend to prepare my liver and sleep-tank for the upcoming days of debauchery. But I doubt that happens. I will more than likely spend all weekend cleaning, eating, and biting my fingernails over my office football pool.

Now that I mentioned Don Draper a few paragraphs ago, I can't concentrate on anything. So I guess that's it.

Laissez les bon temps rouler, dahlins!
(And Lois says "holla")

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