Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Real Housewives of Orange Beach

This past weekend marked the beginning of Birthday Week. This is a special time of year for yours truly as I find it absolutely necessary to milk every last drop out of my birthday celebration. This year's festivities started out a little differently--I agreed to share my birthday month with some friends who were also lucky enough to be born in June!

Side Note: June seriously IS the coolest month because it is the halfway point for Christmas!!! And because Gemini is hands-down the best sign ever--who else gets an excuse to be bipolar?

Birthday Bash Weekend 2010 was here and we loaded up the cars (and planes) and headed to Orange Beach for one last hoorah before BP ruins our beautiful beaches. As a Florabama virgin, I was uber-excited about the hoorah! Here is a recap of the weekend:

First of all, we stayed at Bella Luna, which is unbelievably plush and lovely. Thanks to Jenny, we had these five-star accomodations to call home for the weekend. As much as I LOVE my historic, almost 100-year-old arts-n-crafts bungalow, it is really nice to escape to an ultra-modern, glass-enclosed high rise with NO dog hair! (Ahhh....as much as I adore my fur babies, I could do without the extra dogs I manage to sweep up 3-4 times a week!) For a girl's weekend, especially a birthday bash, you will need TONS of supplies. I have made a list of the few essentials our little group could not live without:
1. Groceries. More groceries than you could ever possibly imagine a group of 10 dieting girls who will spend the next 4 months in various states of swim-suited dress. In order to save a little money, each girl was responsible for a meal. This idea, however, is somewhat like communism--great in theory, but it never really works out in real life. Lucky for all of us the plethora of dips, cookies, chips, cinammon rolls, cake, and the world's largest turkey hotdog weiner you've ever seen managed to keep us from being too hungry this weekend.
2. An Iphone. First of all, thank you Apple for providing the world with this wonderful invention that has an application called "Talk to Text." Thank you for giving me a friend who doesn't mind forking over the cash for one. And most of all, thank you for giving us an option to choose an accent for the phone's voice when he repeats the text. Because honestly, there is nothing better than an English man yelling obscenities.
3. Vodka. No explanation necessary. It makes us laugh, it makes us cry, it makes us fall asleep in port-a-potties.
4. An abundance of dresses. Dresses are the staple of summer. They are comfortable, cute, and easy to travel with. And for some reason, most summer dresses seem to work on multiple people-despite varying sizes and body structures. Boys don't quite understand the concept of a clothes-swap, but it's pretty awesome.
5. An Ipod. Once again, thank you Steve Jobs for making music so handy. There is no other way (other than a good 'ol mixed tape) to have the soundtrack of my life playing at every possible event.
6. A camera! This is one that I am hesitant to add to my list. Simply because I feel that most people spend too much time trying to capture the moment and not enough time experiencing the moment. However, pictures are great to look back on and relive fun nights. Or they can be documented proof that there was too much #3.
7. Last, but not least, don't forget to bring a great group of gals. Ones who will laugh uncontrollably when you dance on the luggage cart, carry your bootleg booze in their purse at the Florabama, or wake you up when you fall asleep in the Pot O' Gold. In all honesty, I could do without the Apple accessories and I could certainly stand to miss a few meals over the course of a weekend, but it surely wouldn't have been the same without my partners in crime.

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  1. brought back memories of such an awesome weekend. i loved it! :)