Friday, June 25, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Sometimes my thoughts are very scattered and random. I really haven't had any thoughts lately that might inspire an entire blog post, so here is my random stream of consciousness on a Friday afternoon.

My sinuses are killing me today for some reason. It feels like my eyes are gonna explode out of the front of my forehead. I've taken some meds for sinus headaches, but this dull ache just laughs in the face of modern medicine. Take that Sudafed!

There was a Pottery Barn catalog in the kitchen at our office. It has the most beautiful things that are pretty much all out of my price range. And then I remember the Friends episode where Phoebe is totally anti-Pottery Barn because they mass produce replicas of what would normally be charming antique cottage furniture and quadruple the price. Pottery Barn, you are dead to me now.

Which brings me other mass-produced items and chain stores. I hate chain stores and restaurants. I hate them because they ensure that everyone will inevitably have the same crap in their houses and stomachs. The chains put the little mom and pop shops out of business. I hate them because I don't really like things are always brand new--I love the story behind old objects, which is why I own a house that is almost a 100 years old. Sometimes I lay in bed at night and try to conjure up stories about the Winchells, the family that built our house back in 1902. I love the fact that there have been other wonderful memories made in this house. In my mind they were a pretty happening family. He was a banker, she was a stay-at-home mother of three with a love of crocheting and martinis in the afternoon....

My hair needs layers. It's far too blunt for somewhere with wild curls like mine.

I hope my future children don't have my crazy hair. I pray their hair is straight like their daddy's. But blue/gray eyes like mine would be okay!

I refuse to believe that I can't go to the FREE Jimmy Buffett concert. I am a good person. I do nice things for other people. I give homeless people cheeseburgers. WHERE ARE MY 4 JIMMY BUFFETT TICKETS!?!?!?! Somebody call BP--I'm making a claim due to emotional distress and loneliness. And lack of inspiration. I think a few hundred thousand ought to cover it!

Lord, why does the clock stop at this exact time on a Friday afternoon? I need my weekend to get here as soon as possible. Obviously I have been working WAY too hard today!

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