Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I Got This!

Now that the man of the house is working so much, things have been a little boring in my neck of the woods. Instead of sitting around watching Bravo reality shows all evening and literally hearing my IQ drop, I've decided to be productive and start on Phase II of our little renovation.

Now that you've regained your composure from the shear hilarity of that statement, let me explain. We have a room and bathroom upstairs. It used to be my brother-in-law's room back in the day (we bought the house from my mother-in-law) but has certainly not been used in many years. Like many tucked away spots in homes, this room became a storage unit for the childhood remnants of my husband. There might be a few other odds and ends up there, but you will hear more about that later. Overall, it's a great little spot that just doesn't quite know its purpose yet: a guest suite for out-of-town visitors, a man room for H, a craft room for me...haha, just kidding!

Honestly, I blame it on HGTV and Southern Homes and Gardens. If this all goes down in a blaze of glory, please include HGTV and Southern Progress in my suit against BP. Since I am now able to watch all kinds of HGTV and DIY shows I've DVR'd throughout the day, I have really been inspired to get back on track. Oddly enough, along with that renewed enthusiasm for renovation came its wingman, the inflated ego. I have managed to convince myself that I can do this pretty much by myself. In my opinion, most of our renovation money needs to go to the things that we can't do ourselves. And there are a lot of those things. But cleaning, spackling and painting are certainly things this able-bodied designer can do! By the way, I am using the term "designer" very loosely here! But in my defense, if some of those yahoos on Design Star can do it, I can too!

So tonight, I spackled. It actually didn't take as long as I had thought it would, which probably means I am a phenomenal, FIFAesque Spackler Prodigy. But I'm really too old to be a prodigy, so it could just mean I did it all wrong. I choose to believe the first option.

Tomorrow I will sand down the holes and blemishes I patched tonight. The next step will be to clean and prep the walls for paint. And since I don't want all three of you to see the chaos that I'm sure is on the horizon, I won't document the next few steps. I wouldn't make you literally watch paint dry--it's like golf, never the same unless you can smell the azaleas.

I'm really at a loss as to what to use this room for. H really wants a "He-Man Woman Haters Club" with a flat screen and a kegerator. I think it would be best as a guest bedroom/mini-theater. We have our main living on the first floor, which has our master and master bath, guest bedroom, guest bath and office (which is currently the Boudoir, aka my dressing room, and would probably be the future Carrigan Jr.'s nursery if anyone around here ever thought about those types of maternal things).

I'm pretty excited about my undertaking! It really is easier to just pay someone to come in and do it all, but I know I'm gonna be really proud of myself once it's complete. I will have not only saved my little family some money, I think I'm gonna surprise some folks when it's all done. And then, like any good wife, I will have something to hold over H's head for the rest of our lives! :) Something of this magnitude should definitely be rewarded with fabulous purses and/or a weekend trip to New Orleans. I'm just saying...

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