Friday, May 6, 2011


I had a plethora of ideas swirling in my head today about possible blog topics. And trust me when I tell you they were all equally fabulous.

To begin with the most obvious, I wanted to blog about my lovely mother and my feelings about my first-ever Mother's Day. H says it doesn't count but I totally disagree. I've been making wise, responsible, parental-y decisions based on Baby Charlotte for almost 9 months now so I definitely feel like a mom. And mostly a good one at that! But in the end I've decided to wait because I want to collect my thoughts and put together a perfectly eloquent tribute to the best mom around. As long as "best" doesn't involve a lot of cooking and scrapbooking. See...I come by it honestly.

My next thought was "I will talk about the death of bin Laden and why I'm proud of our President and staff for not making a mockery of a human's death, even if that human probably didn't deserve a decent burial." Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely glad he is dead. He was a terrible, vile, cruel, and heartless excuse for a man who truly didn't deserve to breathe air on this Earth. But to me, as an American, I am proud that our humanity and respect (even for those who don't deserve it) to man and animal alike is what sets us apart as a Christian nation. Let's make sure justice is served, but let's not forget the simple fact that if we do the same things we condemned our enemy for doing we are no better than them. But...I figured that was WAY to heavy for my lil 'ol blog. Especially for a Friday when my brain stops working and producing coherent thoughts around 10:30 am. (Which coincidentally is 2 1/2 hours into our weekly sales meeting)

Or I could tell you that we had the first baby shower last Saturday and it reminded me that originally my blog was going to be about Southern rules of etiquette in addition to home renovation stories and tips. Since then I have realized we lack some VERY vital ingredients to offer tips on home renovations--the money to actually DO them and the knowledge and wisdom to impart on someone else. Despite the fact that we are frequently naked and one of us might have been known to dance inappropriately from time to time in public places, I actually do know a bit about Emily Post's rules. I promise I'm going to revisit that topic very soon. (The rules part, not dancing inappropriately in public) I think we can all learn a thing or two about how to be a good host and a good guest!

I also debated on whether or not to write about The Wedding. I was a royal in my previous life, you know. I thought Kate was beautiful--the perfect Duchess if ever there was one. They looked happy and in love, and her dress was TO DIE FOR. I'm not a fan of sleeves but I think she converted me into a believer. My only wish is that I could go back in time and demand that guests wore hats to my wedding. I'm a firm believer that there just aren't enough opportunities in life to wear a fabulous hat.

Happy Mother's Day to all -whether you're a Mother, a mother-to-be, or just a mutha,

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