Thursday, April 28, 2011

Name That Baby

Sound the trumpets! Alert the media! The baby has a name! After 31 weeks of incubating, we have finally reached a decision on what our little bundle of joy will be called. And it is....

Charlotte Day Carrigan

We hope you all like it! If you don't...PLEASE don't tell me because I've tried so hard to please so many different people and my emotions simply can't take another wishy-washy game of Name That Baby. (Mom, if you need to, re-read that sentence before you call me and tell me you don't like this name.)

Here are some of the reasons why we chose Charlotte:

1.) It is my grandmother's name and H's aunt's name so it has family meaning on both sides.

2.) There are no odd associations that either of us can think of when we think "Charlotte." For instance, H didn't know someone ugly in elementary school with the same name. And I don't have an archenemy named Charlotte. Most importantly, Charlotte is a name and not a word that means something else, which was H's argument against Dayleigh.

3.) It is easy to spell AND pronounce. Winning!

4.) It is a good, traditional Southern name. And you can pronounce it "Cha-a-lotte" when you wanna REALLY poor on that twang. And of course, I do like to do that when I reenact scenes from Gone With the Wind so I figured it would work for all situations.

5.) She will not have 6 other little girls in her class with the same name. I knew about 10 Tiffanys at Kinston, I had approximately 6 close friends named Nicole, and I've lost count of the Brittanys, Ashleys, and Amandas I know.

6.) Although it's not too common, she will still (hopefully) be able to find monogrammed cups, keychains, and other knick-knacks with her name on it when she goes to the beach for Spring Break.

7.) It sounds good with our last name because unless Prince William manages to get a divorce and find me in the Deep South, I'm sure she will have that name for a while. (Just kidding--kinda)

8.) I know a lot of great Charlottes--my Me-Maw Charlotte, Princess Charlotte of Monaco (Grace Kelly's granddaughter), the good-girl Charlotte from Sex in the City, the plucky spider from my favorite children's book....the list goes on.

9.) I can just imagine that she will look like a Charlotte. And that makes me happy.

10.) I'm all out of legitimate reasons, but I feel weird ending on "9" so....last but not least...because I like it!


  1. #10 is the best answer Tiffany! Way to go!

  2. For the record I always mispell Charolette ... see? Charlotte. HA! Love it though

  3. OMG!!! I am in love with that name!!!! I love when people use maiden names in their children's names, and the only reason you needed was #10!! I can't wait to see pictures of Charlotte when she arrives!! Congrats again!!