Wednesday, April 20, 2011

One Cute Baby

My mom requested a blog about the goings-on at my doctor's appointment yesterday. Apparently it was pretty entertaining, even if you weren't actually there. Don't worry-there were no stirrups involved.

So yesterday I/we had my/our monthly OB/GYN appointment, and this one was pretty special because we had our last (tear, sniffle) ultrasound done before our lil gal arrives. Insurance only covers two ultrasounds throughout the entire 40 week ordeal which I find to be very aggravating and cheap, but the wonderful ultrasound tech, Mrs. Paula, gives new parents a "freebie" with their first child so we cashed in at yesterday's appointment.

And yes, I know that we could pay and have a 4D ultrasound done, but we are also cheap. I know, I know...people in glass houses, blah blah blah...

Anywhooo...back to the story. I am officially 30 Weeks pregnant as of today (yippee!) so we got to see Baby Girl Who Is Still Nameless in all her glory. And man was she cute! The first thing Mrs. Paula said was, "Look at how plump her lips are!" To which sweet H almost fell out of his chair laughing. You see, I have been known for many years on Dauphin Island as "Catfish" because of my rather plump lips. This nickname, which is still better than the one I originally had in high school regarding my lips, has been the butt of many a bar-room joke and more than a few impersonations. It has even given me a phobia of lipstick because it makes me feel like my lips are HUGE.

So then H proceeded to tell lovely Mrs. Paula about my nickname. And I cringed as I lay there on the table with my belly exposed to the elements.

Of course H and Mrs. Paula had a good laugh, and then we got back to the task at hand--looking at the adorable bundle of cuteness growing in my belly.

Seriously...cutest baby ever! (And I'm totally not biased at all!)

Mrs. Paula went on and on about how beautiful the baby was and what a perfect profile she had....all the while I just basked in the glory of my baby-cooking skills while I watched the monitor.

After the magic was over H and I joined a few other moms in the waiting room as we waited to see the doctor. I looked at him and said something along the lines of "She was SO freaking cute! You heard Mrs. Paula-she said she was beautiful and had a perfect profile!"

And then my husband, who will hereto be known as the Killer of Dreams and Ultimate Party Pooper of the Century says, "Well geez Tiffany, what did you think she was gonna say-that we had a troll coming in a few weeks? She tells everybody their baby is beautiful and perfect!"

And just to add insult to injury...the other moms in the room laughed at him! Trust me ladies, this man needs NO encouragement and the laughter just adds fuel to his fire.

And then I told him his presence was no longer needed and he could go on to the golf course.

But I STILL know our baby is absolutely adorable and she does have perfect profile and big 'ol Catfish Jr. lips. And I love her already-even if she doesn't have a name.


  1. Awwwww - that's so friggin funny.

  2. Just to let you know... we are cheap too!! Never paid to have a 4D ultrasound... my thing was since i knew the sex of the baby, their profile could be a surprise to me.

  3. I wanna laugh too!!!!! HAHAHAH
    Harris-not surprised one bit, and yes she is/will be ah-dorable :)
    Can't wait to meet her!!