Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Crawfish & Carnival

Well kiddies, I would love to claim that I've just been too darn busy to post any new posts, but that would sadly be a lie. I haven't been busy at all, just lazy and uninspired.

Actually I get inspired about lots of things but I'm afraid to post my opinions on things that really catch my attention lately. Things like our first amendment rights to freedom of speech, politics in general, and the vast difference between the Baptist and Catholics faiths....but I digress. That mess is boring to most and highly offensive to some, so I shall move on to less provocative topics.

Like the season's first crawfish boil! Woo hoo! Last Saturday we attended a crawfish boil/engagement party for my sweet friend Melissa who just so happens to be my favorite attorney in the world, too. She recently got engaged to her sweet beau, Robert (who we affectionately call Bob when he isn't listening) so we joined them in celebrating. Crawfish, taters, corn, and the occasional piece ov spicy garlic (if you're lucky) = AH-MA-ZIN! I had to load up on my Zantac first, but it was well worth the threat of indigestion.

For those that don't live in our fair city or participate in the Catholic faith, we are knee-deep in Mardi Gras and Fat Tuesday is fast approaching. I know it is all going to be worth it in the end and this sweet baby girl has arrived, but I must confess Mardi Gras is simply not as much fun when you're sober. There is just something to be said about waiting around downtown Mobile with a chilly cocktail in your hand, waiting on the next parade of revelers to come throw some more useless stuff.

Except for moonpies and cups, which are hardly useless. Minus the orange flavored moonpies.

In the midst of the Carnival and Crawfish season, we are also working (somewhat) hard on getting the nursery ready for Dayleigh. Yep...that's her name! A combo of my maiden name and my middle name, which originally came from both of my great-grandmothers. We are turning the room that my girlfriends and I called the "Beaudoir", although it was technically my dressing room/closet, into the nursery and it has been a TRYING experience to say the least. Apparently I did not make a wise decision 3 years ago when I painted the room French Red with Doo-Doo Brown trim. (Yes, that is the official Benjamin Moore name in case you were wondering) It has been incredibly difficult to paint over with the new fabulous Sleek Gray and white trim. Virtually impossible, actually. After 3 coats of trim paint, I think we are going back to Lowe's for some oil-based rather than another coat of water-based crap.

Pics to come later (maybe!) once I figure out how I'm actually going to decorate her room. So far...I'm not much further along than picking a paint color. I thought picking a name was hard, but decorating is proving to be harder than I ever anticipated.

Wish us luck that H makes it through this stage alive and I don't lose my mind or spend my annual salary hiring an interior decorator and calling it a day!

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