Friday, February 18, 2011

Trojans One and All!

Today on Show Us Your Life over at Kelly's Korner, she has chosen Alma Maters as the topic for the day. I am very proud to be a graduate of Troy University (although it was Troy State University) when I was there, so I thought I would link up and give ya'll a few juicy tidbits about good 'ol T-Roy in Troy, Alabama.

Troy University might not bring up the same amount of recognition or heated discussion that Auburn or Alabama, but those that walked the halls there are more than happy to tell you just exactly why bigger isn't always better. Troy had the perfect mixture of all the other schools. We were big enough for fun football games and events, yet small enough that teachers could call you by your first name. Classes were intimate and I believe teachers felt that sense of classroom community, too. I always felt that my advisor, the delightful Prof. Donna Clark Schubert, and really almost all of my teachers, felt that my level of education was a priority to them as well. Our colors were cardinal, silver, and black and the Trojan warrior was our mascot. Our football team was and is still working our way up the D-1 rankings, conquering some pretty fierce foes from time to time!

I learned so much during my time at Troy. I began as a freshman in the Fall of 2001, and ended up graduating just a few years later in December 2005. It only took 4 1/2 years, which I thought was pretty successful considering the social calendar I kept.

Sidenote: I used to have a friend with a VERY proud mama that would always talk my parents' ears off about how wonderful lil Suzie (names have been changed for privacy reasons) was doing at college and how she worked a full schedule at the school, managed straigh A's, blah, blah, blah....My dad's reply was always, "Well Tiffany has a lot of fun!" Thanks Dad, and don't worry-you weren't lying with those words! :)

My years at Troy taught me about who I really was. I learned that I shouldn't even waste my time with degrees that involve too much math and that 8 am classes are just not for me. I learned that sisters are just as cool as I had always imagined. I also discovered that my checking account was magically linked to my parents' account so checks never actually bounced, the funds were just deducted from their account. (Sorry again, Dad) And that you can change your report card address without having parental consent because you are an "adult". For the first time ever, I also experienced Walmart after midnight, paying bills (kinda) on my own, not making my bed immediately after I woke up, and living with other girls my own age.

Overall, it was pretty darn awesome.

I had a trailer, which was not at all white-trash and actually quite cool in college. My best friend Nicole lived with me practically from start to finish, and we were great roommates. We started out with another friend named Leighanne, then my other bf Nicole, then another good friend named Kristin. I'm sure we had some arguments from time to time, but for the most part we all got along really well together and somehow managed to not kill each other.

I was also a member of a sorority, Alpha Delta Pi. Troy brought me together with sisters for the first time, and it was a unique time in my life. I've always been a joiner, so Greek life was perfect. Plus I'm always down for any excuse to choreograph a skit or dance! And there are a TON of opportunities for that in a sorority!

I even met H while at Troy. He was a Pi Kappa Phi, which just happened to be my favorite place to party. I and discuss World Lit and philosophy. We started out as great friends, and things somehow got to where we are today--married 4 years next month with a baby on the way! For that, I must thank the 'ol alma mater I guess.

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  1. After I got married in ATL we moved to Troy (Jan 2006) where my husband was in grad school working with the football team. A memorable first 9 months of marriage followed in the little town of T-roy.