Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Recap

Whew! Christmas is finally OVA, and I must admit...I always hate to see it go. I imagine Christmas is somewhat like post-partem depression. I look forward to it for months and months, the anticipation building with each passing day. Then, C-day arrives and all of that excitement fades away as reality rears its ugly head. People tend to lose that spirit of Christmas way too quickly. Back to work, early morning alarms, no more smells of Christmas trees and cookies baking, no more presents to wrap or open, no more festive parties to attend....sigh.

But this year, the new year holds something pretty darn exciting for us, and the day after Christmas didn't seem quite so hollow. I was almost happy to see the 26th roll around simply because it means we are one day closer to meeting the newest addition to our family of 4 (cause of course I count our first-born fur babies, too!)

But enough sap, let's get down to the good stuff!

We had a super busy Christmas holiday, starting with our Eve of Christmas Eve dinner with H's mom. Since we all get so tired of the typical Christmas menu, she decided to do a potato soup buffett and it was delish! Let me suggest that to anyone who wants to do something a little different next year. She made a big pot of regular potato soup, then placed a plethora of toppings out for us to choose from: bacon, cheese, ham, onions, broccoli, carrots...and biscuits for good measure. She completed the meal with a delicious homemade spiced cider of which legends are made. Seriously...it had orange peels in it and was unbelievable.

Holly, who I have mentioned is a fabulous local artist, bartered her goods for some gifts, and no one was disappointed. I got a lovely Mardi Gras mask that I will certainly put to good use as I "let the good times roll" in a few months. Although I will be VERY pregnant by then, I refuse to let it ruin my revelry. Sorry I can't post pics...I must remain "en costume" or you will know who I am as I toss you beads from my lofty throne!

On Christmas Eve day we headed over to Perdido Beach to my Aunt Lynda & Uncle Ronnie's house. They have five grandkids and another on the way (not counting my bun in the oven), so it is always a lot of fun watching all of the kids tear into their presents. Plus, I love all of my cousins' wives so it's nice to actually have some girls around nowadays. Apparently the boy gene is awfully strong in our family-I'm the only girl of 5 boys on my mom's side, and the only girl on my dad's side, too. There are currently four grandsons (plus one on the way) and one granddaughter on my dad's side. I wonder what ours will be--but I guess we have a long way to go before we find out!

Anywhoo...after a lunch of seafood gumbo, pork tenderloin, and various other tasty treats, we packed up and headed Northeast to good 'ol Kinston.

It struck me on more than one occasion that this would be our last Christmas morning in Kinston, which makes me more than a little nostalgic. Next year I definitely want to have Christmas morning at our house since we will have a 6-month-old by then! (Yikes!) I am adamant about our family traditions starting early, plus I don't want to be lugging toys, clothes, and baby crap all over the Southeast. I'm sure Santa will still be able to find me...I mean, us. :)

Overall, Christmas was wonderful. It's such a magical time of year, and being with those I love the most makes it even better. Each year I am amazed at how awesome my family is (and just ask us, we'll tell ya! Haha!) and I realize how blessed I am to have such a close-knit, loving, and funny group around me.

And now....for a list of the Top 10 Best Foods I ate over the Christmas Holidays:
10.) Potato Soup-it hit the spot and was the perfect "something different" I was looking for
9.) Taco Bell yesterday although it gave me some INTENSE indigestion
8.) Chocolate Covered Ritz with Peanut Butter-'nough said
7.) My mother-in-law's spiced cider
6.) Aunt Lynda's crawfish dip
5.) Butterfinger Cake
4.) Camp Stew the day after Christmas
3.) Steak-we decided against the typical Christmas dinner and had steak instead. Great decision!
2.) Granny's Red Velvet Cake
1.) Granny's Dumplings. God bless you Granny!

Now...after eating all of that in a span of 4 days, WHY IN THE WORLD did I schedule a doctor's appointment today when I knew I would have my first weigh-in of the second trimester?!?!?!

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