Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas is Here!

Christmas is right around the corner! Woo hoo!!! Excitement abounds, at least for me. H doesn't get into the spirit of the holidays quite as much as I do, but most men tend to keep their excitement under wraps about things such as this and I've accepted that fact after almost 4 years of marriage.

I love the holiday season and (almost) everything about it. I love the feeling of goodwill that most people seem to have in abundance this time of year. I love holiday parties with friends and family, warm fires, champagne cocktails, carols, and the smell of a Christmas tree. I love family traditions and the excitement of finding the absolute perfect gift for a loved one. Ahhh....there is nothing like this time of year.

I try my best to not forget the real meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. I know this holiday is about Him and the ultimate gift, but sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the wordly aspect and commercialization of Christmas.

Don't get me wrong--I LOVE getting presents. I love the anticipation of waking up Christmas morning and not knowing what's wrapped in the big, beautiful boxes under the tree. And I have been known to get disappointed when I didn't get exactly what I wrote on my wish list (I'm only human). But in the end, I know the real meaning of this joyous holiday. It's about the birth of our Savior, giving unselfishly, and surrounding yourself with family and friends.

I hate to get all sentimental here, but I will blame my emotional post on pregnancy hormones. :) This year is our last Christmas without Baby C--next year at this time we will have a 6 month old! Besides that being absolutely nutso, it makes me more than a little weepy thinking about all of the traditions I hope to pass down to the wee one and all of the memories we will build as a little family. I hope he or she will find this time of year as magical as I do.

I have to thank my parents for making Christmas so amazing. I remember us doing so many wonderful things. They would host Christmas parties for me and my friends, and my mom would spend countless hours shopping and making goodies for us to eat. Hayrides, scavengar hunts, and even a mid-December Polar Bear Swim in our pool. They would always take me (and usually multiple friends) to Christmas City in Ariton. I also remember riding around the nicer neighborhoods in Dothan and Enterprise looking at the beautiful Christmas decorations, going to pick out the perfect live Christmas tree, and wrapping presents and decorating the house with my mom. I was so blessed to never worry about being cold, hungry, or present-less on Christmas day. I have only wonderful Christmas memories--and I hope my child will be able to say that one day, too.

I'm not sure if it was the Glee Christmas episode last night on TV or the pregnancy hormones-but either way I am a happy gal today with St. Nick on the brain. I hope you and yours enjoy this wonderful time of year--don't forget the REAL reason we celebrate, but don't get too serious on me and forget to enjoy some hot cocoa and a nice present either!

Merry Christmas lovelies!

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