Wednesday, August 21, 2013

It Works! It Works!

My blog has been giving me fits lately! I keep getting these really crappy error messages and it won't let me write. :( But now, obviously, it's working again, and I have As usual we've been busy. We are always SO busy. I hate it. What happened to the days where all I did was go to a couple of classes, take a nap, lay out by the pool, and hang out with my friends? If you haven't been, I highly suggest you try it. I've even heard it's possible to learn a few things while you're there, but I'm sure my parents would argue that point. Here is a brief synopsis of life in The Hysterical District. (I was planning on writing a whole in-depth story but I was so shocked that I could actually post something my mind has now gone completely blank. Kind of like when you walk into a room and forget why you came in the first place) Charlotte is now in daycare full time. Our beloved nanny had a stroke about a month ago so we had to make other arrangements. Thankfully she is relatively okay, but she will have to have some pretty intense therapy and is therefore unable to keep Charlotte. :( It was rough to say the least. Now I know what all the other working moms were talking about when they left their newborn at daycare - it's heartbreaking and scary. It was rough in the beginning, but she seems to really like it now. She isn't a morning person at all. Wonder where she gets that? And she is a BIG fan of lounging on the couch in her pjs for a few hours while watching cartoons, drinking juice, and eating Cheerios. Again...where does she get that?! The whole entire house has come down with a nasty stomach bug. Or The Plague as I like to call it. Daycare has turned her into a walking Petri dish of bacteria and funk, which she will inevitably bring home to her loved ones. Ugh. There's been a ton of other really funny things happening lately, but I will have to tell you about it all later. How's that for a cliffhanger?

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