Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Charlotte Day!

Charlotte Day Carrigan, today is your second birthday! You are the sweetest, cutest, funniest little gal I ever had the pleasure of giving birth to.

People always say "You'll never know how much you could love someone until you have a child" and boy were they right! Having you in our lives has made us realize what true love is really about. Growing up, your Mimi (my mom) warned me that one day I would have a daughter and God would pay me back for all the grief I caused her.

And she was right. You are just as strong willed and independent as I am, which doesn't bode well for us in about 11 years. But for right now, on your second birthday, I'm just gonna focus on what an absolute blessing you are.

-You are VERY independent, and you don't want me to hold your hand or help you do anything. You so desperately want to be a "Big Girl" like the neighborhood kids you play with each day.
-You are so funny! (I prayed you would be funny, witty, and entertaining because hello...gene pool?) You are easy to make laugh and giggle, and the things that come out of your mouth are just hilarious.
-Speaking of are saying a lot of words these days and forming full sentences. This is a blessing and a curse, but I love it all. Even when you said "Oh shit!" in context at the church Easter egg hunt when you spilled your bubbles.
-You aren't very cuddly and lovey-dovey. You never have been. You're too busy for long hugs and sitting still.
-The neighborhood kids love you and always ask if you can come outside and play. This makes me smile because I want you to be social and friendly.
-Your manners are great. You say "thank you", "please", "yes ma'am", "bless you" and "sorry" about one million times a day. I'm proud of my little southern lady, and I hope you always show respect to your elders.
-You love to dance and sing, and you recently proved you are indeed my child when you stole a microphone from the neighbor and refused to get off their "stage" (aka, porch) during an impromptu afternoon concert. You also like to play your piano and make your daddy and I dance together. After we dance, you clap and say "Yay!" like we are Fred and Ginger.
-You're still mean to the dog. We're working on that.
-Minnie Mouse and Sophia the First are your favorite things on television. You get SO excited when you hear the theme music.
-Did I mention you are absolutely adorable? Your brownish-reddish-blondish hair is curly and wild, and your big blue eyes just sparkle. You're already a little brown baby from being out in the sun so much this summer, and there is nothing cuter than your bikini tan lines.

I love you so much. I can't wait to see what kind of person you grow to be. But if you could just slow it down a bit, that would be great!

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