Friday, January 20, 2012

10 Tiffany Things

I've linked up to this blog for "10 Little ______ Things" Friday, and I must admit I am quite a fan. Maybe because I feel like we could really be friends in real life, due to the sarcasm and curse words just to be funny. She's a new mom, too, and thankfully one of the few that doesn't make me feel like I'm only two steps above Peggy Bundy in the Mother of the Year category.

But I digress. Here's my 10 little things from the past week.

1.) Work has become redamndiculous. I hardly have the time to post blogs anymore. Seriously, what do they think this or something!?!?!

2.) Mardi Gras is literally right around the corner. As in, first parade of the season starts tomorrow out on Dauphin Island. It will be Charlotte's first Mardi Gras parade, and I'm just praying she doesn't get hit in the eye/face/head with beads/cups/hard candy/toys. It's a jungle out there folks, and don't think those rednecks are going to let a cute, innocent baby bystander get in between them and a 'nanner moonpie. 

3.) We are on the hunt for new bedroom furniture. And by we, I mean I. One half of this blessed union is sticking his head in the sand and trying to pretend this purchase is not on the horizon. The better half (and you can decide for yourself which one that happens to be) knows it is coming sooner rather than later. I'm thinking something like this:

4.) Katy bar the door! Miss Charlotte is on the move these days and keeping mommy, daddy, and nanny busy. She will be 7 months on the 27th, and she already has two little teeth. So cute! She is crawling, pulling up on absolutely everything, and growing like a weed. At her 6 month checkup (which was Tuesday, oops!) she weighed 17 lbs 15 oz, and was 27.5 inches long. And 100% ADORABLE!

5.) H and I desperately need a vacation or a date night or something! We don't exactly have any babysitters that are beating down the door to watch Charlotte, and although my parents would watch her 24/7 if they could, they live too far away to just drop in on a random Thursday and let us escape for a few hours. So....I guess I can just dream of the date nights we can have again in approximately 18 years after we've dropped Boopsy off at college.

6.) The current weather situation in South Alabama makes my sinuses hurt. Which makes my face and head hurt, which in turn makes me ill and not suitable for public interaction.

7.) I've become obsessed with PBS's new series, Downton Abbey. My DVR said "What the hell is Masterpiece Theater!?!?" when I hit record. It was confused by a show with descriptions like "educational trust" and "glimpses of class and caste". Unfortunately it is more accustomed to Guidos and mothers that say things like "Sparkle, Baby!".

8.) My house needs a major Spring Fix Up. I am not emotionally, physically, or financially prepared for that undertaking.

9.) I've heard that having a dependent really helps when it comes tax season. H and I have already planned the things are going to do with our tax return this year, and all I have to say is we better get a significant amount of money or somebody at the state and federal level is gonna pay.

Not really, but I will be super pissed if I don't get to buy new furniture soon.

10.) I wonder if Bassett Furniture will give me a discount since I mentioned their bedroom suite on my blog? Obviously I'm no Pioneer Woman, but we can all hope, huh?

I love Fridays when I can mooch blog ideas off other people! It's amazing how a 6.5 month old baby can suck the creativity and will to do anything other than sleep out of a person.

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