Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Pregnancy Post

I thought I would write/type a few things down about this pregnancy so one day when I look back I can remember what it was REALLY like. If Charlotte is anything like me, she will love hearing stories about herself-even when she was in the womb.

I have always been afraid of pregnancy, but it really has been a breeze for the most part. I know I am incredibly lucky because I never really even had any morning sickness. The only time I remember getting sick was when one of my coworkers ate a shrimp fettucine Lean Cuisine one day for lunch, and the smell made me nauseous. Which in turn prompted me to take a pregnancy test...and you all know how that ended up! This was three days after Halloween weekend and a Widespread Panic concert in New Orleans, so I thought it could have been the remnants of the New Orleans funk but instead we were pleased to discover it was a little bambino instead!

The first trimester was great. I only gained a couple of pounds, no sickness, and only a mild tiredness. I didn't even feel pregnant, which can be good or bad. I must admit I felt a little left out as my friends drank and partied during football games, but I knew the sacrifice would be well worth it. As the baby started moving and growing, and I started to actually feel pregnant, the constant reminder of impending parenthood made missing out on things much easier!

We weren't going to find out the sex of the baby, and part of me still wishes we hadn't. We told the ultrasound tech not to tell us, so she wrote it on the pics, put it in an envelope, and sent it home with us. Of course after about two days we just couldn't stand it any longer! And then we found out we were going to be broke forever as parents of a little girl. :)

People always ask what cravings I've had. The only thing I can think of is ice cream and fruit (especially citrus fruits). And even then I wouldn't exactly call it a craving. The only real way to explain it is that foods just taste better--better than they have EVER tasted before! It's like my taste buds are on steroids and it makes everything more delicious.

Picking a name was SO hard! Once we finally realized that you can't please everybody all of the time, we settled on a beautiful family name that we love-Charlotte Day Carrigan. Or at least I love it, and isn't that really all that matters? :)

The nursery has been done for about a month, and sometimes I just go sit in there and imagine what it will be like when Charlotte is here. H does it, too. I've had four baby showers (Dauphin Island, Kinston, Orange Beach, and work) and we have been so blessed to receive the wonderful gifts our friends and family have bestowed upon us. I'm not sure we deserve it all, but we certainly appreciate it. I wish every pregnant woman could have this because it has definitely taken a lot of stress off of us! My bags are packed for the hospital, our co-pay is paid, we took the birthing class, and we are as ready as we are gonna get. I think.

At 37 1/2 weeks pregnant, my feelings are mixed. I am excited, scared, nervous, ready, anxious, amazed, hot, uncomfortable....the list goes on. I am nervous because a)she has to get OUT somehow b) what are we supposed to do when she gets here? c) what if my "instincts" that people keep referring to don't kick in? d) what if she's allergic to the dogs? e) what if my water breaks in public? f.) how do I know if she's too hot or too cold? It's 100 degrees outside so I'm always hot, but what about a baby? g) how will our family dynamics change? Seriously I could list about a million thoughts/worries that run through my head a million times a day-but I won't bore you with those.

All I know is that our lives are about to change dramatically in a matter of days. My brain can't even fathom the thought of how much is about to change. With no brothers or sisters, I have nothing whatsoever to compare this to other than my dogs. People laugh when I say that, but I love my dogs more than the average person so that is the only point of reference I have. All I know is that H and I are beyond excited to meet Miss Charlotte. That's all we can talk about. H says she's going to be the best female golfer ever, and he can't wait until she's big enough to fish in the Little Anglers Fishing Rodeo with him. Hearing the man I love talk about what he wants to do with our daughter makes me turn to a puddle of mush, I must admit. I just want her to be smart and independent and full of life. And happy-God I hope she is happy with the life we give her.

37.5 weeks pregnant and wishing the whole stork story was really how babies got here,

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