Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's fall, ya'll!

Fall is officially here! Ring the bells! Sound the alarm! Alert the media! Actually...just walk outside, take a deep breath, and enjoy the simple fact that you don't have a steady stream of sweat dripping down your spine.

And if you're lucky enough to be blessed with curly hair (insert sarcastic eye roll here)--enjoy the fact that humidity is a distant, hazy dream. (But don't get too excited...humidity is a reoccuring nightmare that will haunt you again)

We have been BUS-Y around our neck of the woods here lately! Between work, coaching, my Mardi Gras organization, street meetings, and my ever-evolving social calendar I am one worn out gal!

There have been some interesting new developments in my little world. First of all, my lovely parentals actually have the internets now (Haha--I can't refuse a good GWB joke) and my Mutha is now on Facebook. Ahhhhh!!! This makes me incredibly nervous. I'm not worried about her finding nudie pictures of me online or anything like that, it just makes me nervous and I can't really explain it. I think my opinions might sometimes frighten her. (Although I can't blame her too much) She once told me if I didn't watch out, people back home would think I was one of those "liberals". And then I died laughing.

I finished painting the upstairs with minimal help from the hubs. He did finish rolling it--which is by far the easiest part of painting a room! But it doesn't matter because I was thankful for the relief painter. It looks FAB, but I keep forgetting to take photos. I am terrible with a camera. I don't even know why I have one other than to officially join the 21st century. Well...that and the fact that my bff moved about a bazillion miles away and took her digital camera with her. Now my personal photog that I could count on to record every single detail of our lives (the good, the bad, and the ugly) is stuck in crappy, boring Charleston taking pictures of her dog in front of random large trees. Boo on Charleston!!!

My volleyball team is now 3-0. Go St. Ignatius Impalas! Between practices, games, and one very odd child protection class I ought to be able to repeat the Catholic prayer in my sleep. But honestly...I absolutely love it. The 5th grade girls are super cool and sweet, and the parents have been so supportive and encouraging. It is H's alma mater, and he doesn't let me forget that I have a sports dynasty to uphold. He actually suggested I read Nick Saban's guide to coaching then use some great quotes to motivate my team. Ummm...thanks, but no thanks H! I will stick with telling them things like "Our socks are WAY cuter than Christ the King's--don't let them beat us with those plain 'ol white knee socks, ladies" or my personal favorite to instill some team confidence "If we lose I'm gonna tell all your parents that you are NOT allowed to go to Old Dutch Ice Cream after the game!"

We have a fun-filled October ahead of us, too. So much to do and so much fun to be had! I love this time of year. Football, Bayfest, Shrimp Festival, Halloween in New Orleans....ain't life grand?!? I will try to update more and keep all three of you loyal followers up-to-date on our adventures. I also have some great DIY fall decor that I'm attempting. (Key word: attempt) As soon as I find my digital camera I might actually take some pics to post along with all these words.

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  1. I just love reading you blog and your camera issues are not foreign to you mother in law either. Cracks me up!