Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Random Wednesday

I don't really have much to write about today, but I just got tired of reading my last post when I opened my page. It was sad, and it made me sad, so let's get happy with some random Wednesday facts!

What I'm Watching -- There are quite a few good shows on right now and even a few great shows. First of all, Mad Men. Oh how I love you Don Draper, let me count the ways...Maybe I love this show because it is something I can kind of relate to. No, I don't sip Old Fashioneds in my Upper East Side apartment, but I DO work in advertising. This show is a glimpse at a time period in our country when things were really changing and moving in a different direction. Love. it.

I'm also watching VEEP on HBO. I love Julie Louis Dreyfus (Elaine on Seinfeld is probably my favorite TV character of all time). This show is seriously funny, and whether or not it is an accurate portrayal of what goes on at The White House--it is EXACTLY what I imagine goes on at The White House.

But don't worry that I'm going all intellectual with my television watching.  I'm still getting a good healthy dose of mind-numbing, IQ-lowering shows like The Real Housewives of Orange County and Dance Moms.

What I'm Reading -- I'm on the second "Game of Thrones" book and it is ah-mazing. I want to watch the series on HBO, but at this point I'm looking at about 13 hours of television if I start at the beginning. And that's a LOT of time that I just don't have. The books are really good,but there is a ton of violence and dying horses. The horse part is hard for me to take so I'm not sure I could watch the show without having some sort of breakdown.

Where I'm Going -- We've got some exciting things planned in the next few months. We are heading to Perdido Key this weekend for some family fun in the sun, then a nice Mother's Day brunch at the yacht club. Woo hoo! I bought my mom the coolest gifts for the big day and I can't wait to see her face when she opens her surprises. Sometimes giving really is better than receiving. (But receiving is still really good, too!)

My big 3-0 is next month, which is not quite as exciting even though I do LOVE a good birthday celebration. I hope we ring in my 30th with a bang (and I'm sure we will)! Charlotte's birthday is also coming up next month (along with my mom and dad's, too) so I've got to get to planning. I'm thinking a Minnie Mouse celebration pool party at the country club will do nicely.

We've also got a wedding next month for one of H's best friends. We both love Zach a whole lot, and we're so excited to be there as he weds lovely Liz. It's always nice when two nice people find each other. And I must admit, I'm pretty pumped to dance the night away at some of my old college stomping grounds!

And by "stomping grounds", I totally mean the library, Mom!

Anywhooo...Happy Hump Day everyone!

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