Thursday, April 4, 2013

Playing Catch Up

Everytime I log into my blog, I think "I've GOT to write and update more!" How am I ever going to get a book deal like a bazillion other bloggers if I don't actually blog? It seems that the ones who do make it "famous" are the ones who write and update every single day. So I'm trying.

Quite a few not-so-exciting things have happened since my last post, so I hope you're sitting down while you read this.

H and I went to Baytowne Wharf for our anniversary last month. Here was the criteria for our vacation destination:

A) Must be within a few hours drive from my front door
B) Somewhere we had never been as a couple
C) Easy access to meet the babysitters, aka Mimi and PawPaw

So we settled on San Destin, and it was really nice. Baytown Wharf was cool and really different from the places we normally go (New Orleans, Orange Beach, Dauphin Island, Kinston). It's funny because the vacations we used to take were full of wild nights on the town, sleeping until noon or later, then starting the cycle over again. These days, our vacations are a little more subdued. Ha!

H is all like "I can't believe I forgot my golf clubs because there was a threesome of snowbirds I could have joined up with!" and I'm all like "Let's see where I can find some bubble bath before I go to bed at 6:45"

I'm only partly kidding, but I did try to invest a little more in the 'ol sleep bank while I had the opportunity. And we did do a LOT of eating. Overall, it was a wonderful little getaway where someone else cooks and cleans, and I got to take an afternoon nap while H watched basketball. We celebrated our sixth anniversary and realized why we liked each other in the first place. 

Apparently we are funnier and nicer to each other when we don't have the stresses of everyday life making us ill and sleep deprived. Who knew!?!?

And even though H probably won't read this until sometime in mid-June...

Happy Anniversary! I'm glad one party at your fraternity house turned into all of this. Even though we aren't perfect (and that's putting it nicely), I sure am glad you picked me to be your wife and the mother of your adorable little girl. You've given me many years of laughter, love, and dirty laundry, and I look forward to many more!

Or at least until I find a good prospect for my second husband! (Haha! I'm kidding...maybe!)

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