Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

My parents came to visit this past weekend, and we had such a nice time! H had to work the night shift this weekend, so it was nice to have some company and some help as we "got out of the house".

Friday night Charlotte and I met them at Olive Garden for some tasty Italian. I know the OG has a lot of haters, but I'm not one of them. Sure, I've had better Italian food, but for the price and the selection (and who can forget that glorious salad!) you just can't beat it!

Charlotte was SO excited to see them-especially her Meme. She just grins and squeals when she sees my mom! Dad and I can't figure out what all the fuss is about, but Charlotte is definitely a fan! :)

Saturday we had breakfast at the local Waffle House and took an early-morning stroll around the neighborhood, which is always a favorite of my parents. They don't really relax very well, and sitting on the couch watching reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 is NOT their idea of a great Saturday. We had accomplished all of this before 9 am, which is pretty impressive for me considering our typical Saturday morning involves microwave pancakses, Beverly Hills 90210 and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

I will be accepting my "Mom of the Year" Award any day now, thanks.

After my mom woke Charlotte up from her morning nap, we headed to the lovely town of Fairhope to enjoy the beautiful day. We took the Scenic Route, which my dad and I always prefer, then we settled in for lunch at Panini Pete's. The food was delish and it gave Charlotte a chance to run around outside in the courtyard as we ate. She had a great time and ate her weight in hand-cut french fries.

This is Charlotte just taking a little break

Dad, Charlotte, and I after a yummy lunch

After a good hour in the locally-owned and operated toy store-and only one small purchase-we did a bit more shopping for the adults. I've been on a search for the perfect boot for about three years now, and I'm sad to admit it still eludes me. It actually doesn't elude me, it just costs $328 and I'm too cheap to buy them. But I think I'm just gonna bite the bullet and DO IT. I've rationalized it in my mind that since I haven't bought any new boots in the past three years, if I add up all that money I would have spent on them over the seasons, then it justifies the expense. Right? Right! (Plus my mommy MIGHT have given me a little bit of money toward the purchase! But shhh...don't tell my dad. Or my husband, cause I still have to come up with the rest!)

When we got back home, I cooked a nice, well-balanced dinner of BBQ chicken quesadillas for us and we watched the Auburn game. I was proud of my Tigers, but I sure wish it would have gone our way. We could have used that boost of confidence!

Sunday morning we rose early. Again. And went for another stroll before my parents headed back home. Every time they leave it makes me a little homesick and wish that they lived closer. Not too much closer, but maybe just a little bit closer! Haha!

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