Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Pants Game

I've debated about whether to tell you all about The Pants Game for some time now. H says it's funny, and I agree. I just don't want you to think we are weird. Or demented. Or some sort of nudists.

Although technically we could probably fit into almost all of those categories at some point or another in our lives.

The Pants Game was invented many, many moons ago by either H or myself. I honestly can't remember who started it or even why we started it. But I DO know that it is fun...most of the time!

TPG is usually played at night because it requires one of us to be in some sort of lounge attire--i.e. pajama pants, athletic shorts, etc. It's pretty self-explanatory, really. All we do is (very sneakily) yank the other person's pants down around their ankles. And then we point and laugh.

It sounds silly now that I've read what I just wrote, but trust me--this game is hilarious! We even have a points system.

Good Pants--A "good pants" is when you manage to sneak up behind the other person and yank them down very cleanly. The pants must make it all the way to the floor.

Yes! Pants-- A "Yes! Pants" is when you have a good pants that is done during an inopportune moment. For instance, if H is unloading the dishwasher and I pants him, it is considered a "Yes! Pants" because he gets agitated and I say "Haha sucka! Yesssss!"

Angry Pants -- "Angry Pants" is one of my favorites, but only if you are the pantser, not the pantsee. "Angry Pants" occurs when one person pantses the other at the absolute worst time and it takes a while to pull your pants back up to their normal resting spot. Let me give you an example: If I have an armful of groceries walking toward the kitchen and H pantses me, that is considered an "Angry Pants" because I will typically yell something in the "International Language" followed by "I'm not playing right now!" Then I proceed to hobble the rest of the way through the living room with an armful of groceries and my pants around my ankles.

In case you were wondering, additional points are rewarded if one of us gets really angry and threatens to divorce the other. Which has happened more than once.

Thankfully there are certain rules.
1.)We are not allowed to pants the other in mixed company
2.) No hitting
3.) Indoor use only
4.)No timeouts
5.) No such thing as "I'm not playing!"

We have played this game for years. And it never gets old! Right now, the score is 436-437, but I won't tell you who is ahead.

Does anyone else have a weird game that they play with their family? I realize that most of you probably aren't demented, weirdo nudists like us....but I do hope you all have some sort of fun game you play with your loved ones. I'm pretty sure this isn't what Milton Bradley had in mind when he said, "The family that plays together, stays together!" but it does work for us!

Toodles Kids!

P.S -- The "International Language" I refered to earlier is what I like to call the words you can't say in front of your grandmother. Oddly enough, no matter what country you may find yourself, the natives will understand an angry curse word. :)


  1. LMAO - hilarious. And no. We don't have any fun games like that ... but I'm going to start this! Ha!

  2. BAHAHAHA! THIS IS CRAZY FUNNY! So, yes, Jamie and I have a game as well, although it isnt as GREAT as yours!! Instead of Pantsee & Pantser, we are the Dumpee & Dumper... Whoever is in the nice hot shower is the Dumpee and whoever is pouring the ice cold water on the other is the Dumper! Its pretty fun (unless your the dumpee!!)

  3. Almost every single night Dennis and I have a "Who gets in the bed first" competition! It's ton's of fun. There is often plenty of tripping each other, diving onto the bed, and a un-fair game of trickery! When I win it's awesome and I laugh uncontrolably and point in his face, when Dennis wins.. "We're not playing that game tonight anyways!"