Friday, May 28, 2010


Welcome to my first-ever blog post! I was a journalism major in college and am now looking for a way to flex my creative writing muscle and document my crazy, hectic, funny life here in the Hysterical (oops, umm...Historical) District of Mobile, AL. Although the rag-tag cast of characters I call my friends will certainly be major story lines here, I also want to focus on the DIY process of renovating, decorating, and entertaining on a budget.

I am a transplant to the Mobile area and to say coming here was a culture shock would be the understatement of the century. My first year here was filled with questions like these:

"What do you mean there's a baby in that cake?!?!?"
"Is that the preacher drinking a beer?!?!?!"
"There is church on Saturday?!?!?"

Needless to say this place was a LOT different than the little country town I came from. Not that I would actually classify myself as a country bumpkin or anything--I mean, I've traveled....I've lived! I've seen the world! (Okay, not so much the world, but you get the picture!) So here is my story....chock-full of witty banter, bar gymnastics, home renovations, dog hair, parties, and fun. I hope it doesn't disappoint!

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